Responsibility is created together.

If we have learnt something from our decades-long adventure, it is that a good everyday life is made of little things.

These things can have a large impact  - on you, me, and the world around us. That is why we have larger-than-life principles we follow.

We know our products.

Truly, down to the last detail. Why was this product designed? Who produced it, where and from what material? What is the product’s journey from the manufacturer to us? Is the quality up to our standards?

We believe the world does not need any more disposable and unethical items. We want our products to stand the test of time and bring joy to their user for a long time.

Designed in Finland.

Over 80 % of our products are designed in Finland. Why, you ask? We want to make sure that all our products have purpose, that they work as intended, are durable and bring joy to their user. No small feat, which is why we want to design them ourselves. 

We employ family-owned and small businesses.

Because in the large scheme of things, we are a small company. This brings us transparency, the possibility to see the entire chain of production, visit the factories and make a difference. To create a good everyday life for everyone. That is why we employ family-owned and small businesses in our production.

Despite not being the easiest or the most cost-effective way, we think it is the right thing to do. 

We support those with employment problems.

Employment is not easy for all. We want to help by offering meaningful tasks in product assembling for different work centres and the residents of the Salvation Army housing services. In these workshops almost 30 000 of our products were made last year with care, enthusiasm, and heart. 

We want our products to have a human touch.

We want our products to have a personal touch. That is why some products are made by hand from start to finish, others partly. But always with precision, skill, and pride. With feeling that no machine can replicate.  

On children’s side.

Children are the future, and we are always on their side. The toys and games we design encourage to try new crafts and activate and develop skills that will be there through life. This is one of our missions – we want to create fun and games without screens. That is many of our products have real cards, game pieces and characters.

We prepare young people to working life.

Many companies take in interns and summer workers, which is very good. We take this a step further by wanting to raise young people to find their place in work life. Like a family, but at work. We have had hundreds of young people move onto the working life, many of which have stayed with us! As in all our work, we believe in quality over quantity.