Finnish design with love for the everyday life

Martinex is a Finnish, family-owned company, and over 80 % of our products are designed in Finland.

We design over 80 % of our products in our own design department in Finland. All our designs follow the same ideology, be they tableware, board games, clothing, or jewellery. That ideology is creating items for a good everyday life.

Our product line is impressive, and we offer items from dishes to board games, from clothes to jewellery. Our design ideology, however, can be summed up to three words. Good everyday life.

We do not dream of designing a piece of art that is only dusted and put on display once a year. That is why we value functionality and durability. We value classic, timeless design and small details that help you see the magic and beauty of a normal weekday.

Long live one-of-a kind decisions!

These guidelines help our design team to think of the important, small questions when designing our products. Is the pyjama zipper functional and easy to use? What is truly the optimal size of a latte mug? Is it possible to design a boardgame that adults and small children can all play and enjoy? Could the front pocket of a Stinky hoodie be his tongue?

We think things through ourselves, listen to our hearts and often end up doing things our way. And that might be the secret to our success.

Humanity before anything

These same values, that respect people and the environment, also guide our production values. That is why we have been using organic cotton, and we prefer to work with small companies whose backgrounds and methods we are familiar with.

Humane values also means listening to our customers. That is why we love to hear feedback from our customers.

I had to write back to thank you, that you added larger children’s sizes to pyjamas! These are our favourite jammies!

- Customer review


In a family-owned company, we make choices guided by other than revenue. We focus on long-term development, not easy fixes.

We stand behind our values and focus on work we find meaningful and important. Just like our own, Finnish design.