Tangle Town


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An active and energetic game where you move the car with your finger to accomplish food delivery goals! Don’t take your finger off the car, do not topple the clock tower or move the car from the board. Gather as many points as possible to win the game! Watch out for other players’ hands and don’t get tangled! The number of players is 2 to 6 and the age recommendation is 8+. One round of game is approximately 20 minutes.

Welcome to Tangle Town! Our busy city has many converging roads that have a lot to show and experience! We are the most known for our funny names, messy traffic and our affinity to order food! Can you handle the Tangle Town traffic, cars, structures, and road work as the new food courier for Tangle Dash? Fetch the order and take it to its destination but play by the rules – to be the best courier in down!

Play the competitive or the cooperative mode in this fun family game full of humour, speed and surprising situations!

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Article nr.40862441
MaterialsCardboard, plastic
Player Count2-6
Game Duration20 min
Suggested Age8+
Dimensions32 x 26 x 6 cm
Weight0,93 kg

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