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Sustainability as priority in our textiles

We attach great importance to ensure that our textiles are safe, ecological, high-quality and comfortable. We constantly follow different alternatives on how we can develop our clothes more and more ecological and environmentally friendly.

Ecological and high-quality organic cotton is produced without harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It’s long-lasting, safe and feels soft and comfortable. The production of organic cotton maintains nature’s biodiversity and soil fertility, unlike the mass production of cotton. 


The safety of children’s textiles is utterly important, and we are following more stringent European regulations, in order to ensure the safety of your child in Martinex-clothes.

How we work

We design our textiles at our own design department in Reso, Finland. The clothes are produced in small local factories that do not work with mass production. We carry out continuous quality monitoring both in the production country of our textiles and Finland. We visit our factories ourselves on a regular basis, to make sure the production and work is high-quality and ethical. Our factories are all BSCI-audited factories.

BSCI’s operating principles are based on international agreements and are aimed to protect workers’ rights in global supply chains.

Green forests, a blue sky and a cleaner planet. We strongly believe that small, responsible and environmentally friendly choices make a big difference. For a more pure nature, reliably, from the Martinex-family to your family.

Even you can make a difference

  • By choosing products made of organic cotton you are choosing environmentally friendly and sustainable development.
  • By choosing a lower temperature and spin speed, you are saving both the product itself and the environment.
  • Use moderately detergents and forget the use of rinse aid. Always fill the entire machine.
  • Choose an environmentally friendly detergent.
  • Take care of clothes also by ventilating and brushing them.
  • Recycle clothes that have become too small.


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