The Smart10 – a quiz game that challenges and entertains all!

Smart10 is an exciting and immersive quiz game with balanced rules. Every player answers regularly, players can strategise, and get rewarded for every correct answer. All the best elements of quiz games in one!

The Smart10 quiz game can be played in groups of 2 to 8, and it is recommended for players over the age of 14. The game has questions on many different topics, such as history, movies, general knowledge and many more! The game has many other expansion packs and Junior and Harry Potter versions.

Smart10 game is easy to take with you. The full package has 200 questions and answers, score counter and answer marks. That’s all you need! The game is conveniently sized, easy to store, and take wherever you go!

Smart10 player comments: “Fun game! Good game logic! Fast paced! Equal! It runs smoothly and does not get repetitive! Interesting themes and questions! Let’s play again! Let’s play some more! I know what will make for a great gift!”

Smart10 now available in Finnish, Swedish and English

Smart10 board game is a worldwide success

Smart10 board game's popularity has been growing steadily in Finland and internationally. It will soon have a million games sold, and it has been translated into 18 languages. Now the game has achieved a new status of popularity. Smart10 game has gotten a television show format and a quiz show that premiered this spring in Austria.

 Every weekday, the quiz show featuring recognisable Smart10 elements is on the Austrian ORF1 channel. The quiz show is hosted by Caroline Athanasiadis, who makes history by being the first woman game show host in Austria.

What is the secret of Smart10’s success? "Based on the feedback we have received, the reasons for the game's success are good questions, that nobody has to wait for their turn for long and that nobody needs to be the designated reader", says Jenni Jalava and says that the game has also received n praise for its packaging and size. "The best thing in games is to win, but everybody has a good time!"

Smart10 game show's international distribution has also begun. The TV show's Austrian producer, TVFriends, will start to sell the format.

Jenni Jalava and Aleksi Michelsson

The incredible history of Smart10 board game

The story of the Smart10 game started in October of 2015 at the Spiel15 board game convention in Essen. Jenni Jalava, Peliko board game product manager, met a board game agent there who had a rudimentary model of the game. This game version had travelled worldwide for five years, and no one had shown interest. According to Jenni, she recognized the game’s potential right away.

 “When I saw a game called Quiz it, my hands felt electric. Handmade cards and a cardholder made of cardboard and tape didn’t deter me. I said that I wanted to develop this game to a wider audience. This kind of feeling rarely happens. I got to take the model with me and told our game developer Aleksi Michelsson that we have a great game in our hands.”

That same Christmas, the game’s prototypes were already tested. The players loved it. The test audience consisted of 10 players between the ages of 15 to 74.

In spring 2016, the first phase of game development finally started. We considered the game’s name, what kind of packaging was needed, what size cards, and what kind of questions we wanted. We started working right away. In October 2016, at the next board game convention in Essen, Jenni had the first versions of the packaging, board game box and cards. These were presented to international board game partners.

“I received plenty of positive feedback but also improvement suggestions. After this first phase, we focused on question development and further board game testing that took the next six months”, says Jenni and laughs as she reminisces how the questions were sometimes worked in coffee houses on Sundays, at restaurants during the night, during workdays and nights.

In January 2017, at the Nürnberg toy convention, Smart10, as we know it today, was presented to the international industry audience. The feedback was instantly good. That very same year, Smart10 was awarded the winner of Adult Game of the Year in Sweden!

The original board game idea came from two Austrians, Arno Steinwender & Christoph Reiser. Aleksi Michelsson designed the board game design and Smartbox shape. The questions were compiled by Piia Hirkman, Jenni Jalava, Marika Laine, Pål Keller Carlquist, Aleksi Michelsson and many other experts.