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Galacting Games is a fast-paced and versatile game that consists of different types of challenges using the ring launcher. Play on tabletop or on the floor, individually or as teams!

Galactic Games is the biggest and toughest tournament of the Milky Way, and it’s now also open for Earth’s residents. Compete individually or in teams in a variety of challenges requiring skill, accuracy and some luck, too. Charge your ring launcher and shoot the rings out faster and more accurately than others to secure victory.

In Galactic Games, players get points for each challenge and move on the game board accordingly. The players or team to get the most points of all challenges is crowned the galaxy's toughest competitor. There are seven challenges to start with: Distance, Black Hole, Ramp, Space Croquet, Planet Bowling, Launch the Rocket, and Target Shooting. The players are free to come up with more challenges and games: the possibilities are infinite in space. Charge your ring launcher and shoot the rings out faster, higher, stronger!

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Article nr.40861963
MaterialsCardboard, plastic (ABS)
Player Count2–4
Game Duration25 min
Suggested Age6+
Dimensions27 x 27 x 5,5 cm
Weight0,5 kg

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