Come and get to know the finest of Finnish game design! Did you know that some of the classic games in your life have been designed and manufactured by Peliko in Raisio, Finland? 

Peliko is a Finnish game manufacturer with the belief that a good game is so much more than a way to spend time and get some laughs. A good game is immersive, and it requires active decision-making and communicating.  Peliko’s aim is to teach people to become better winners and losers, to connect over games and to get even shy players to speak up. Peliko aims to connect people via games.

Peliko develops new games and game ideas constantly. Our game designer, Aleksi, our product manager Jenni and other Peliko team members create and design fun and immersive games, for children and adults alike.

Peliko’s large and varied selection of games grows continuously. At Peliko, over 1 000 game ideas are tested every year. Peliko offers fun games for all ages and skills, from iconic classics to new, exciting games. Peliko’s strengths include clear, easy-to-use guides and the guarantee that all players have fun!

Africa’s Star is a classic board game, and possibly the most well known Peliko game. We celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2021. In 2013, there were 4 million Africa’s Star games available worldwide. In 2022, Africa’s Star has millions of players worldwide. 

Peliko’s Smart10 is on its way to become a classic: It has almost a million sold games, in 18 different languages. In the spring of 2022, the game was adapted to a television format and a quiz game that premiered in Austria. 

Peliko manufactures board games, card games and jigsaw puzzles. Ecologically in Finland, with expertise and care. In Peliko games the best player wins, but everyone has a good time!


In 2003, Martinex purchased Peliko. Before that, Peliko had been in the game design industry since the 1940s. The game house has been called Peliko since 1985. In the beginning, Peliko Oy manufactured its games in Helsinki, then in Lohja. After being purchased by Martinex, equipment and machinery were moved to the new owner’s premises, while some game manufacturing still took place in Lohja. In 2010, a new game factory in Martinex’s premises was launched. Soon, all equipment from Lohja were moved to Raisio, as well as some new purchased equipment. 

In 2022, Peliko moved to new, larger game factory in Raisio. Since autumn 2022, all Peliko games were manufactured using solar energy. Sun panels by AurinkoKuningas were installed on the roof.

The graphic design, game pieces and all other items, including packaging,  all are designed in Finland. Almost all card games and jigsaw puzzles are manufactured in Raisio, excluding plastic pieces.

Since 2014, Peliko has been materially independent, excluding print work. Print work is mostly handled with local partners at Raisio. 

Peliko acquires its materials from Finland and the rest of Europe. The cardboard material used in Africa’s Star come from Kyrö and Äänekoski, Finland. The packaging cardboard is 100 % recycled, awarded with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Peliko has 8 full-time employees and multiple regular assistants. Peliko offers summer jobs for 20 young people. Peliko has had over 200 young people working their first summer jobs.

Ecological Peliko

•    Founded in 1987, purchased by Martinex in 2003 
•    90 % of games are manufactured in the Raisio factory, including Africa’s Star. 
•    Material used is almost 100 % recycled paper and cardboard. 
•    Full sheets of papers are used to avoid material waste.
•    All leftover paper and cardboard are recycled or reused. 
•    All game parts are packaged by hand.  
•    Package cardboard is 100 % recycled. 
•    Paper has the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

 Victorious Peliko  

•   Mandamina, a finalist in the 2023 Finnish Family Game of the year.  
•   Mikä Sotku?!, a finalist in the 2022 Finnish Party Game of the year.
•   Vilken röra!?, a finalist the 2022 Swedish Årets Spel for family games.
•  Kirjainkiista, a finalist in the 2021 Finnish Family Game of the year.
•  Drone Home, a finalist in the 2021 Finnish Children's Game of the year.
•  Muumilaakson puuhapolku, a finalist in the 2020 Finnish Children's Game of the year.
•  10 Days in Europe, a finalist in the 2020 Finnish Family Game of the year.
•    Smart10, 2017 Game of the Year for adults in Sweden, 2019 Game of the year for adults in Denmark and 2019 Top10 Spielzeug (Toys) in Germany, chosen by The Federal Association of Toy Retailers (BVS).   
•    Get Mammoth, a finalist in the 2019 Swedish Family Game of the year.
•    The Build Up, the 2018 Party Game of the year.  
•    Cobra Paw, a finalist in the 2018 Game of the year.
•    NameIt!, a finalist in the 2018 Party Game of the year.
•    Bananagrams, a finalist in the 2017 Family Game of the year.
•    Kivi, the 2016 Party Game of the year.
•    Muumipeikon kalaretki, the 2016 Children’s Game of the year. 
•    Missä on pikku pupu, the 2016 Swedish Children’s Game of the year.
•    WeeoooWeeooo, a finalist in the 2016 Swedish Children’s Game of the year.
•    Pentago, the winner of multiple game awards around the world.