Moominhouse’s 30-year anniversary

For three decades, the Moominhouse has been a beloved and popular toy. The house, originally produced by Martinex to Finland, is still one of the most popular gifts for children!

The Moomin house was launched for the 1992 Christmas season by Risto Muinonen, founder and father figure of Martinex. For Christmas, 10 000 Moomin houses were manufactured. It was believed to be a large and sufficient amount of products for the 1992 Christmas season. Little did they know, it was not enough! The first batch was sold out in the first days and it was clear that more Moominhouses were needed!

Martinex rose to the challenge and rented two Antonov planes to get the Moominhouses to Finland from Asia. They helped Martinex to get 16 000 more Moominhouses for the Christmas season. At the end of the year, all 26 000 Moominhouses were sold!

”Moominhouse, ever since its inception, became a favourite toy for children and everyone with a playful mindset.  In many families, the same Moominhouse has been passed down from one generation to another”, says Riia Sandström, CEO of Martinex Oy. It was her father who first brought Moominhouses to Finland.

”Moominhouse is an exceptional toy in the sense that it has been mostly unchanged for 30 years. It is rare for a toy! In the production, we have changed toy molds four times to meet toy standards and help with durability”, Sandström says . She also mentions that the toy molds cost 10 000 Finnish marks. In the designing phase, quality was important. Toy molds would not be updated for small reasons.

The original Moominhouse cost 295 Finnish marks in retail stores. This year, to celebrate the Moominhouse anniversary, there is a surprise character in the house – Mymble! She is Little My’s older sister.

”Come with me, give me your hand, I’ll take you up to Moominland…”

Moominpappa designed and built the Moominhouse for his family with his own hands. He is very proud of his house, and rightfully so – Moominhouse has withstood storms, floods, and earthquakes. The iconic blue house is a safe haven for the Moomin family and their friends. The Moominhouse can be opened fully so all rooms are accessible for play! The same floors and rooms are available for play as they are in the books by Moomin creator, Tove Jansson.  The Moomin adventures come to life with the familiar house, its beloved characters and the home items that come with the house.

Moominhouse comes with furniture and many beloved characters: Moominmamma, Moominpappa, Moomintroll, Snorkmaiden, Little My, Snufkin, Snork, Snuff and Hemulen. There is so much to do – have a summer party in the garden, climb on the ripe ladder, swing, or peek through the doors!

The Moominhouse can be closed with a handy closing mechanism. This way the house items stay safe inside the house. Moominhouse comes with a handy detachable handle for easy storage and moving. The Moominhouse is suitable for children over the age of 3.

Free Puzzle Pad with the purchase of the Moomin house

Moomin Puzzle Playpad is a playpad consisting of large puzzle pieces. The playpad has an aerial view of Moominvalley - beach, woods and paths. There is a wintery picture of Moominvalley on the other side. The playpad comes with Snufkin's tent and campfire. With the purchase of the Moomin house (value 84,90 € - 86,90 €), we now offer a free Moomin Puzzle Playpad (value 29,90 €). When purchasing the Moominhouse, add the Moomin Puzzle Pad to your cart. An automatic discount 29,90 € is applied to your cart. Act fast and order yours! This offer is valid until stock lasts.

Where is Moomintroll? Is Little My hiding? Get extra characters and new items for your Moomin house!