Moomin Spring 2024

Moominvalley is waking up from under the snow as the Moomins are awakening from hibernation. Flowers are slowly blooming, and trees are gaining new leaves. As darkness is moving away from the spring sun, joy and hope are present. Life is so lovely!

The Moomin spring collection is colourful, joyful, and filled with fun! Our designers have created lovely prints with repeating motifs. These prints are available in matching clothing for young and older children, in sizes 56-86 cm and 92-128 cm. These make for lovely matching clothing for siblings! 

According to our designers: ”Our spring prints are inspired by dreams and rest. From the magical world of dreams, where time flows forwards and we are traveling in new, magical places, as if on a cloud! We were also inspired by nature and the approaching summer with its sunshine and longer and warmer days, and celebrations in the spring, such as May Day and school’s graduation ceremonies. Spring is filled with joy, and these prints celebrate all that is so delightful about spring.”

Children's collection has such colourful and playful prints. Cloud Castle is a dreamy, pink, and light with beautiful paster colours. The Oasis print, filled with flowers, is available in a yellow colour, featuring Moomintroll, Snorkmaiden, Little My, Primadonna's Horse, Hemulen, and Mymble. The Lilypond print is in an adorable shade of mint green, featuring Moomintroll, Snorkmaiden, and Little My studying the pond's wildlife.

My's Party and Soulmates are our new prints in adorable colours. Read more below!

Our Growth and Herbarium prints feature Moomin characters enjoying the awakening nature. Growth is in a shade of adorable pink, and Herbarium is in a calming shade of beige. Our Squares print has a fun square pattern in shades of blue, with Sniff, Moomintroll, Little My, and Stinky. Spruces is a fun print in fresh colours, featuring Moomin characters camping. Our energetic blue Trick print features pictures of Stinky.

Which one is your favourite? Ps. We have not forgotten our solid-coloured classics, featuring Moomin characters. The comfortable designs and soft, brushed material of our beloved college trousers and shirts make these popular every year!

My's Party

This print is one of our favourites this spring! The peach-coloured and joyous My's Party is inspired by the idea of a party hosted by Little My. It would be quite a hassle! 

"Little My is planning a party! She is hustling and bustling, running from one place to another. There are gifts, a cake, and decorations. But what is missing? Primadonna’s horse and a cat are looking at Little My’s fussing. How lovely, they must be invited!"

Our new spring designs are available in this adorable print. For babies, we have a bodysuit, pyjama, and a bodysuit dress. We also have a new, ruffly babies' trousers, with adorable ruffles on the cuffs and waist. The trousers have a high waistline and room for diaper. Pretty perfect, isn't it?

For children, we have an adorable dress with a frilly hem, a beanie, and two new designs: A jacket and a skirt. The jacket has frills on the sleeve cuffs and pockets, and it is super soft, brushed cotton on the inside. It is comfortable to wear indoors, running errands, or outside on warmer days! My's Party skirt is as delicious as a candy - it has an elastic waistline, rounded hem, and a two-tiered, frilly hem! It might prove hard to get this one into the wash!

The crown jewel of our spring collection is the delicious, pink Soulmates the print. The print is filled with hearts and flowers, with clothing available for babies and children. It is also available in a tote bag. How heartfelt! 
"Life is good with soulmates! Those you can hug, hold hands with, and walk with towards new adventures. Moomintroll and Snorkmaiden, Moominpappa with Moominmamma, and Snufkin with Moomintroll and Little My know this. A lovely day for all soulmates!"

  • webstore/7200 MUUMI TEKSTIILI LAPSET/C-72582488_01_webstore_dmyibb
    Moomin My's Party Dress Peach
    €19.74 Regular Price €32.90
  • webstore/7200 MUUMI TEKSTIILI LAPSET/C-72582509_01_webstore_nlrw1j
    Moomin My's Party Skirt Peach
    €13.14 Regular Price €21.90
  • webstore/7200 MUUMI TEKSTIILI LAPSET/C-72582209_01_webstore_ibejaf
    Moomin My's Party Pants Baby Peach
    €11.94 Regular Price €19.90
  • Moomin Soulmates Leggings Baby Pink
    Moomin Soulmates Leggings Baby Pink
    €11.83 Regular Price €16.90
  • Moomin Soulmates Leggings Pink
    Moomin Soulmates Leggings Pink
    €13.23 Regular Price €18.90

Track suits
Our beloved and anticipated track suits are wearing new colours and prints! We have the pink Spring Festival print and the energetic, blue Festival print available, both filled with joy, energy, and festive mood! Our track suits are designed with comfort in mind. They have long raglan sleeves, a zipper, and a zipper puller cover on the neck. They have stretchy sleeve, trouser, and waist cuffs, and they are made of elastic and comfortable material. Pretty perfect combination, isn't it? Ps. Our track jackets can be worn with solid-coloured college trousers and jeans, as well!

Our adult’s spring collection is blooming with colours and beautiful details that are beautifully accentuated. Our beloved Buttercup print is now wearing shades of sand and night blue. The greatly anticipated Bud print is now available in a lovely shade of purple. The fun new addition to our adults’ clothing collection is the adult’s Moomin track suit, with super comfortable material and detailed design! And let’s not forget out classic Kuisma striped shirts and hoodies in lovely new colours!

  • webstore/7210 MUUMI TEKSTIILI AIKUISET/C-72581882_01_webstore_cm8dqs
    Moomin Annu Track Jacket Buttercup Dark Blue
    €44.94 Regular Price €74.90
  • webstore/7210 MUUMI TEKSTIILI AIKUISET/C-72581834_01_webstore_aqvcuw
    Moomin Kerttu Hood Dress Buttercup Dark Blue
    €58.74 Regular Price €97.90
  • webstore/7210 MUUMI TEKSTIILI AIKUISET/C-72581888_01_webstore_glhnlp
    Moomin Minna Track pants Buttercup Dark Blue
    €35.94 Regular Price €59.90
  • Moomin Jenni Dress Bud Lilac
    Moomin Jenni Dress Bud Lilac
    €52.14 Regular Price €86.90
  • webstore/7210 MUUMI TEKSTIILI AIKUISET/C-72581780_01_webstore_ydlwv0
    Moomin Hilda Tunic Bud Lilac
    €43.74 Regular Price €72.90
  • Moomin Hilda Tunic Stones Blue
    Moomin Hilda Tunic Stones Blue
    €43.74 Regular Price €72.90
  • webstore/7210 MUUMI TEKSTIILI AIKUISET/C-72581810_01_webstore_k0ah2f
    Moomin Elise Leggings Stones Blue
    €26.34 Regular Price €43.90
  • webstore/7210 MUUMI TEKSTIILI AIKUISET/C-72581768_01_webstore_nr4qz0
    Moomin Hilda Tunic Buttercup Beige
    €43.74 Regular Price €72.90
  • webstore/7210 MUUMI TEKSTIILI AIKUISET/C-72581864_01_webstore_ycoq6w
    Moomin Salla Hoodie Ideas Pink
    €47.94 Regular Price €79.90
  • webstore/7210 MUUMI TEKSTIILI AIKUISET/C-72581876_01_webstore_yowjay
    Moomin Salla Hoodie Juice Party Magenta
    €47.94 Regular Price €79.90
  • webstore/7210 MUUMI TEKSTIILI AIKUISET/C-72581870_01_webstore_bkfn7t
    Moomin Salla Hoodie Bite Lilac
    €47.94 Regular Price €79.90
  • webstore/7210 MUUMI TEKSTIILI AIKUISET/C-72584085_01_webstore_m8p6p2
    Moomin Iida Dress Buttercup Dark Blue
  • webstore/7210 MUUMI TEKSTIILI AIKUISET/C-72584040_01_webstore_xyahd1
    Moomin Hilda Tunic Buttercup Dark Blue
  • webstore/7210 MUUMI TEKSTIILI AIKUISET/C-72581828_01_webstore_p0y2gk
    Moomin Alma Sweat Tunic Buttercup Dark Blue
    €43.74 Regular Price €72.90

What would spring be without new bags? Our large bag collection features small coin purses, pouch bags, trendy shoulder bags, ecologic tote bags, and backpacks! We design our bags with details and comfort in mind - from small coin purses to backpacks, their materials and small details are always important to provide you with a product that lasts and will bring you joy!

Our beloved bag collection is wearing shades of bring. Our prints are the dark blue Buttercup print, purple Bud print, Cranberry in shades of pink and the magical Cloud Castle. They bring colour and Moomin joy to clothing!

Welcome, spring - let it bring with it Moomin joy and energy to your wardrobe!