Martinex would not be itself, if our corporate chart did not look as unique as we are.

As a humane, Finnish, family-owned business, we do not connect with stuffy corporate organisational charts. But, because some things are easier to present in graphics, we have produced you one, but in our own, Martinex way. More humane and delightful. And here it is!

Martinex Oy:

Our own, four brands: Peliko, Baking by Martinex, Martinex Play, Ma-ia Family.

40 brand licences: For example, Moomin, Mauri Kunnas, Pippi Longstocking, Emil of Lönneberga, Tatu ja Patu.

Other figures: Martinex Oy employes over 60 professional, mainly in Finland. Martinex Oy imports products to over 50 countries.


For small and big wearers. Dreamers and busy bees. Moomin and Pippi fans. For those that believe that clothes need to be delightful, comfortable, durable, and easy to care for.

In the autumn of 2021, Martinex family grew with a new children’s clothing brand, Ma-ia Family.

Toys and games

Did you know, that Martinex’s large selection of card and jigsaw puzzles include Peliko and Mindtwister games, and that most of our games are designed and made in Finland? Yep! Africa’s Star is actually Raisio’s star.

For toys, we cannot help but to mention our Moomin products, featured in over a hundred Martinex products. The all-time favourite is, of course, the Moomin House.

Home products

The roots of this family business are in the home, kitchen, and good everyday life. Martinex is well-known for its innovative baking products, table setting items, storage items and gift products. They bring out the beauty in everyday life.

Martinex Ab

Sweden is a very important business territory for us. Since our inception, we have found the local expertise very important. Hence, in Sweden, we have Martinex Ab with a team of 5 exceptional individuals. Hälsningar till Sverige!

Aarikka Oy

The iconic, Finnish design brand Aarikka became part of the Martinex family in 2017. The design brand known for its playful attitude, Ram figurines, wooden jewellery and round shapes employs 10 passionate designers and continues to enchant people all around the globe, reigned by Riia Sandström, on a road paved by Kaija Aarikka.