Designed in Finland

The values of Martinex as a family business show in how we carefully design, choose and reflect on our products. We are invested in providing good quality with high domesticity: a majority of our products are designed in Finland, by our own highly skilled and versatile designers. These six designers think up new tableware, clothing, and toys and games – all kinds of products in our range.

The holidays, such as Father’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are important to the Martinex family. A new product often starts to emerge out of a need; it is important to us to be included in both the everyday life and the highlights of life, to effortlessly bring joy and beauty to all kinds of occasions. The four seasons so clearly displayed in the Finnish nature and experienced by Finns are another source of guidance and inspiration for our designers. The lifecycle of a new product starts with an outline of the basic idea, described by the product manager to the designer. The designers then sketch some options, the most suitable of which is chosen for the finished product. A good design takes time; a design should be inspirational and functional. The designer usually has a great deal of freedom to come up with a design that is representative for the designer.

Each of our designers works in a different way and seeks inspiration in a multitude of places, such as magazines, photos, the nature, and the small moments – the source of inspiration could be anything. Based on the designers’ idea and sketch, the product manager and the designer cooperate to finish the design. An important part of this process is how the design fits with each product type and form. After the required changes and improvements, the production can start.

Martinex design is characterised by visually beautiful and rich products: small nuances and details for everyone. And especially for children’s clothing, the illustrations often have a story behind them, adding depth and value. Martinex products are sold in more than 50 countries; Finnish design finds its way to delight people all over the world. Martinex products are designed to make everyday life more beautiful, more comfortable and varied. Products from the Martinex family to yours.