Martinex – a Finnish Family Business

Martinex is a Finnish family-owned company that designs, manufactures and imports games, toys, clothing and accessories, and household goods. Martinex was established in 1986, when Risto and Tuula Muinonen decided to seek their dream; Risto had been working for Brio the toy company for a long period but an idea and an ideal of entrepreneurship and being an entrepreneur had grown strong from the seed that already had been planted at his childhood home

At first, Martinex worked in the novelty and household goods business that still today plays an important role in the company and continue to be close to heart to the whole family. Gradually the long days and hard work paid off and Martinex established itself as a manufacturer and as a wholesale business. The business caught on to the next generation as Riia and Jenni, Risto’s and Tuula’s children, started working in the company with different tasks, gradually absorbing the entrepreneurial spirit that is the driving force in a family business.

Year 1992 was a milestone for Martinex: the cooperation with Moomin Characters began. The company grew fast; as the company got bigger, the significance of the family as a source of strength was further emphasized.

The years went by and in August 2001, it was time for the second generation to take over the company they had learned to know and love. Riia Sandström was appointed as the managing director and Jenni Jalava as a business area manager.

Martinex continued to be guided by strong visions, ideas and courage, and in 2003 the company acquired the whole gaming business are of Peliko, a well-known and established Finnish manufacturer of board games. The warm and engaging company culture contributed to the growth of the company as did further acquisitions. In 2013, a Swedish manufacturer of board and card games, Mindtwister, and a Finnish manufacturer of educational card games, Emmi-tuote, became parts of the Martinex family. During the same year Martinex also entered the mobile gaming market.

After a bit over 30 years, Martinex is currently an international company, with export to over 50 countries. The company has a credit rating of AAA and become a household name. Martinex currently employs over 40 people.

Martinex story continues to unfold. We continue to provide retailers with household goods, textiles and toys and games the majority of which are designed in Finland, prioritizing local sourcing and production. We value traditions but always seek the new, such as this store of our own.

Martinex designs, manufactures and sells beautiful and functional products that make everyday life cosier, easier and more fun. Products from the Martinex family to yours.