Autumn is coming!

Our greatly anticipated Moomin autumn collection is here, how lovely! The collection is colourful and filled with adventurous prints, calling you to join!

Autumn fashion is fun and playful, and you will want to wear these lovelies every day, over and over.

Our designer’s thoughts on the collection: ”The Moomin autumn collection is filled with muted but vibrant colours with a fresh, new colour palette. Deep and strong colours make these inviting, filled with Moomin energy.”

  • Moomin Roses Bodysuit pink
    Moomin Roses Bodysuit pink
  • webstore/7200 MUUMI TEKSTIILI LAPSET/C-72580468_01_webstore_zpiubf
    Moomin Roses Dress lilac
  • webstore/7200 MUUMI TEKSTIILI LAPSET/C-72580447_01_webstore_rpippx
    Moomin Roses Tunic pink
  • webstore/7200 MUUMI TEKSTIILI LAPSET/C-72580277_01_webstore_jraqr6
    Moomin Roses Overall lilac
  • webstore/7200 MUUMI TEKSTIILI LAPSET/C-72580433_01_webstore_ioiodo
    Moomin Butterfly Dress magenta
  • webstore/7200 MUUMI TEKSTIILI LAPSET/C-72580209_01_webstore_ch2ubu
    Moomin Serpentine Dress Baby off-white
  • Moomin Retro Pyjamas dark blue
    Moomin Retro Pyjamas dark blue
  • Moomin Yikes Beanie cinnamon
    Moomin Yikes Beanie cinnamon
  • webstore/7200 MUUMI TEKSTIILI LAPSET/C-72580600_01_webstore_rb4hvu
    Moomin Stinky Sweatshirt grey melange/black

We have brought back old favourite prints in new colours: Butterfly, Roses, Yikes, and Retro. You are welcome!


Our Butterfly print is now available in pink. The delicate Roses print is available in both purple and pink. The Yikes print is now available in rich cinnamon brown with white stripes. In this familiar print, there are pictures of Too-Ticky, Hemulen, Moomintroll and Groke.

The Retro print is now available in deep blue colour: “It is a calm day in Moominvalley, with nothing exciting in the horizon. Moominmamma is collecting seashells, while Moomintroll is reading books under the light of the storm lantern. Moominpappa is reading the newspaper on a deck chair, while Little My is running around, happy, and joyful. Snorkmaiden and Hemulen are also doing their own thing. We need these fun, relaxing days sometimes, to just focus on our own interests!”

Our atmospheric Serpentine print is based on the front cover illustration on the Moomintroll 6 comic collection by Tove Jansson.

“In the illustration, there is Moomintroll and other Moomin characters in the woods, under decorative serpentine ribbons. The colourful and energetic print comes alive against the natural white colour.”

Our new print, Hide N Seek is available in three colours: plum, lilac and beige. The energetic print is filled with details!

“Moomintroll is counting to ten, hands over his eyes. Behind him, Moomin characters are running around between large rocks, looking for a place to hide. Stinky, at least, finds this amusing. Let’s hope he can keep it down, so he is not the first one Moomintroll finds!”

Take an adventure with Moomin! The Adventure print, in sage green, features Moomintroll, Snorkmaiden, Mymble and Little My.

“In the book Comet in Moominland by Tove Jansson, there is a large storm in Moominvalley. Moomintroll is off to the astronomy tower to get more information about the comet heading to Earth. The journey becomes and adventure, and the friends end up walking on stilts! Thankfully, all goes well, and the friends are left with everlasting memories of their adventure.”

But wait, there’s more! We have a new print for this autumn: Tale. With a melange finish, it features Moomintroll, Moominpappa, Too-ticky, Snufkin and Stinky.

“Too-ticky is sitting on a tree trunk, surrounded by grass, telling stories. Moominpappa, Moomintroll, Snufkin and Stinky are listening to Too-ticky. What is her story about? Is she telling them of her own adventures, past times, or made-up fairytales? What a lovely storytime!”

Our autumn collection has new, lovely designs! We have a pink Little My college shirt dress with puffy sleeves, made of soft material and a brushed, inner layer.

Our very popular children’s track suits are now adorned with lovely new prints and vivid, bright colours.

  • webstore/7200 MUUMI TEKSTIILI LAPSET/C-72580383_01_webstore_q8qfhs
    Moomin Hide N Seek Overall beige
  • Moomin Hide N Seek Pyjamas plum
    Moomin Hide N Seek Pyjamas plum
  • webstore/7200 MUUMI TEKSTIILI LAPSET/C-72580552_01_webstore_j4aglo
    Moomin Adventure Shirt sage
  • webstore/7200 MUUMI TEKSTIILI LAPSET/C-72580564_01_webstore_kz9efu
    Moomin Tale Shirt grey melange
  • webstore/7200 MUUMI TEKSTIILI LAPSET/C-72580482_01_webstore_ageeav
    Moomin My Sweat Dress pink
  • webstore/7200 MUUMI TEKSTIILI LAPSET/C-72580624_01_webstore_gsvbfx
    Moomin Moominhouse A Track Jacket sage
  • webstore/7200 MUUMI TEKSTIILI LAPSET/C-72580630_01_webstore_nxi1vu
    Moomin Moominhouse A Track Pants sage
  • webstore/7200 MUUMI TEKSTIILI LAPSET/C-72580517_01_webstore_dzq5ki
    Moomin Cornflower Track Jacket pink
  • webstore/7200 MUUMI TEKSTIILI LAPSET/C-72580524_01_webstore_a2ufoq
    Moomin Cornflower Track Pants pink

In our adult’s collection we have wonderful new prints in beautiful, autumn colours. The star of our women’s collection is Little My, with her lively, energetic, and bold attitude!

”I don’t care a fig for other people’s secrets. And I certainly don’t broadcast them all over the place. Anyway, they all come out sooner or later.”  -Little My, Moominpappa at Sea

Light rose-coloured What Happened print is as beautiful as a fairytale. It is based on the illustration of Tove Jansson’s The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My.

”When Moomintroll’s adventure is over, he comes home to Moominmamma. In the sunshine, among flowers, Moominmamma is collecting berries into a hat. She is pleased to see Moomintroll and friends. And, oh, she is serving juice! But what happens next –  read from the book!”

In our lovely Meadow Daisy print, there is Moomintroll and Mymble, admiring a beautiful meadow of flowers.

“Oh, what large and colourful flowers! Moominvalley is glowing in beautiful colours as flowers bloom. Moomintroll and Snorkmaiden are enjoying the beauty, looking around. Mymble is enchanted, and even little My has stopped to enjoy the scent of the beautiful summer.”

Our Bud print has a rich and detailed print with lovely colourful details. It features Little My.

” Pink blooms look like small, cascading jewellery, filling the scenery with their beauty. It looks so beautiful! Little My has stopped to admire the buds, smiling widely. It is so beautiful! Has Little My noticed, that her bow matches the pink blooms?”

Our beloved Dream print is now available in sage green. Lovely, isn’t it?

Our hoodies and college shirts have lovely colours and prints. We have a large selection of different cuts and designs. Whether you were looking for a college shirt, a zip-up hoodie, or a long and oversized hoodie, we have got you covered!


”Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.” This is what Little My thinks – we just hope that you love these hoodies as much as we do!

  • webstore/7210 MUUMI TEKSTIILI AIKUISET/C-72579615_01_webstore_acz5ey
    Moomin Manna Sweatshirt Sketch2 purple
  • webstore/7210 MUUMI TEKSTIILI AIKUISET/C-72579591_01_webstore_hzlccq
    Moomin Manna Sweatshirt Dream sage
  • webstore/7210 MUUMI TEKSTIILI AIKUISET/C-72579621_01_webstore_wr3qqu
    Moomin Senja Hoodie Sketch My grey
  • webstore/7210 MUUMI TEKSTIILI AIKUISET/C-72579921_01_webstore_jqxyyo
    Moomin Hilda Tunic What Happened rose
  • webstore/7210 MUUMI TEKSTIILI AIKUISET/C-72579543_01_webstore_pfixga
    Moomin Iida Dress Meadow Daisy purple
  • Moomin Elise Leggings Bud grey
    Moomin Elise Leggings Bud grey
  • webstore/7210 MUUMI TEKSTIILI AIKUISET/C-72579561_01_webstore_vgu6lq
    Moomin Hilda Tunic Bud grey
  • webstore/7210 MUUMI TEKSTIILI AIKUISET/C-72579633_01_webstore_jpnwir
    Moomin Lilli Hoodie Sketch13 sage
  • webstore/7210 MUUMI TEKSTIILI AIKUISET/C-72579627_01_webstore_auw5iz
    Moomin Lilli Hoodie Sketch13 lilac

Our autumn collection has lovely new arrivals in beautiful colours – for the whole family! <3