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  • Moomin Tree Crown Swimsuit yellow
    Moomin Tree Crown Swimsuit yellow
    €14.95 Regular Price €29.90
  • Moomin Tree Crown Swimsuit light green
    Moomin Tree Crown Swimsuit light green
    €10.95 Regular Price €21.90
  • C-72584065_01_webstore_iq3gl9
    Moomin Lilypond Dress Lavender
    €25.83 Regular Price €36.90
  • C-72584055_01_webstore_u5m9an
    Moomin Lilypond Bodysuit Lavender
    €12.53 Regular Price €17.90
  • C-72584075_01_webstore_dl4bb7
    Moomin Constable Pyjamas Green
    €15.33 Regular Price €21.90
  • C-72584080_01_webstore_ifhf4l
    Moomin Constable Shirt Green
    €15.33 Regular Price €21.90

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Martinex is about people and their stories. Achievements, successes, efforts. Diverse talents and different personalities.

Together, we are us. Martinex Family.


Martinex is all about stories, people, achievements, choices and different personalities, one more unalike than the other.

Together we make us, the Martinex family.