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A fun and exciting game of tactics for the whole family! Includes rules in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish.

Your tribe is hungry and you got your eye on some mammoth. Every player gets four warriors, seven cards, a mammoth and a game board. Put the mammoth on the edge of the cliff and your warrior to the other end of the board. Everyone plays a card at the same time and everyone moves the total sum of the cards. With special cards you can move more or less or skip a whole turn. Collect mammoth tokens and buy your cards back. Chace the mammoth off the cliff but be careful not to fall down with it. Drive the other tribes to extinction and feed your tribe with some tasty mammoth meat. Hunt Mammoth. Eat Mammoth. Don’t fall off cliff.

Nominated for Family Game of the Year 2019 in Sweden!

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Article nr.40861857
Player Count2-4
Game Duration25 min
Suggested Age8+
Dimensions10 x 24,5 x 10 cm
Weight0,66 kg

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