Emil of Lönneberga

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Emil of Lönneberga is a beloved character from Astrid Lingren’s children’s books. He is a fair-haired boy who is prone to playing pranks. The blue-eyed little boy lives in farm at Kattehult with his family: farmer father Anton, mother Alma, little sister Lina, farmhand Alfred and farm maid Lina. The wild and rambunctious boy is often up to little tricks and pranks, and often ends up in the woodworking shop as a punishment. His father can often be heard screaming his name on the top of his lungs. As a child, Emil carved 369 wooden figures, but grows up to a calm and respected member of his community.

The timeless, wild Emil is beloved by many all around the world. Martinex offers a wide variety of Emil products. Our design department in Raisio designs lovely Emil clothes for those wild days when we need some Emil energy to our day. Our focus is on responsibility, sustainability, quality, and durability.